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Dispensaries are running into a growing number of technology issues causing day-to-day snags. Soaring Towers is here to provide cannabis IT support to help you jump the newest hurdles and soar above the rest!
With the cannabis industry continuing to grow and slated to hit 66.3 billion by 2025, we want to help you ride that wave! Soaring Towers’ team of IT technicians allow make sure you are focusing on growth not IT issues. We can help you install cutting edge POS, network, cloud and much more.


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Managed IT 
built for Dispensaries.

We understand that cannabis is a competitive and scrutinized industry, and we want to smooth the ride. We provide a curated solution of website design, IT, policy management, and cybersecurity that focus on key areas of attack on your business. Our US based techs have worked with countless dispensaries and understand the market ensuring better support, uptime, and customer satisfaction!

Cannabis IT 
support & Compliance

Cannabis compliance is an increasing concern as the industry continues to grow. With constant city, state, and federal changes dispensaries are overwhelmed. Dispensaries are struggling with outsourced IT support as they are not built for the industry. Soaring Towers stays up to date with changing regulations allowing your businss to focus on its customers. With changing regulations, make sure you have a cannabis it support team that ready for the challenge.
It is a headache keeping track of it all and one miss step can add up to thousands of dollars in fines, or worse. Stop worrying about sustaining compliance and enjoy the green market boom. Focus on growing, we’ll manage your IT.


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Enhanced Cybersecurity for 

Dispensaries are rich in customer data, medical records, payment card data, and personally identifiable information. Our experts will monitor your systems 24/7 ensuring that your data is secured. Our team will implement cutting edge solutions to safeguard and keep your brand’s reputation in good standing.

POS Integrations

No one likes manual inventory tracking or having to enter the same data into multiple systems. We’ll help you implement a fully integrated POS system that links to your CRM, social media, website, and loyalty program. Saving time and preventing costly human error.

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Prevent Downtime 
with Redundancy and Proactive Monitoring

Time is money. Can you say without a doubt that your business has redundancy in play and knows what to do in the event of an issue? Probably not. If your network or POS systems go down, sales come to a grinding halt. We make sure your business is operational when you need it to be, with proactive monitoring and maintenance your systems will be there when you need them.

Our Success Stories and Partnerships

California Cannabis Industry Association

Soaring Towers is part of the California Cannabis industry association allowing the cannabis industry to focus on their growth and let us deal with the IT issues. 

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