Soaring Towers is the leading decentralized IT support platform that allows IT technicians to grow and support our clients wherever they may be. This allows us to provide a faster response and better educated technicians to assist on any issue that you bring us.
We are proud to have a large team of like-minded individuals that want to provide the best support in many different facets of IT. As well as we utilize our vendors to make sure that we can respond and resolve issues as fast as possible.
Soaring Towers does not have one central office that all our technicians work from their remote location with most of our technicians being based in southern California, thus allowing onsite presence with business located there.
Soaring Towers uses HIPPA and SOC-II Type 2 best practices and will be certified in the upcoming months.
Soaring Towers currently does not offer marketing campaign and campaign management as a service but will provide great SEO by initially setting keywords and keep the site as optimized as possible.


Most of our technicians will start as a Service Technician I which is a gig-based role with many of our technicians making around $22/hr. and as they continue to educate themselves and move up our ranks then end up making 100K+.
If you already have previous experience, but do not have any industry certificates there is a rigorous testing program that we will have you undergo and based on your placement will be placed in a position that reflects your skill. If you show a large amount of knowledge and growth potential you will be promoted very quickly.

Since Soaring Towers implements a gig-based role for many of our positions you can work on a as wanted basis, but for our specialist roles they are full time.

Yes, all Soaring Towers workers will work remote, but may go onsite depending on the job and the needs of the clients.