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Cloud Hosted Technology

Hosted Server's and Technologies

Cloud hosting is the future of computing and provides your business with insulation in the event of a natural disaster, security breach, and scalability. Not only does cloud hosting protect your business, it reduces cost by removing the need to maintain, house, and purchase new physical hardware, while being able to promptly scale systems to your needs. With this, coupled with near 24/7 uptime, you can access your files anytime anywhere. Unlike a single server setup, hosted environments use clustering to provide physical device failure and on the fly scaling.

Geo-Redundant Protection

Soaring Towers’ data centers are in California with offsite backups being replicated to eastern regions to ensure your data is always protected.

Redundant Connection

We pride ourselves on being able to provide redundant internet connections and power to all our hosted clients, thus increasing their uptime and stability. Our firewalls will automatically switch if it detects high latency or packet loss to ensure that your connection is always fast and secured.

Flexible Operating Systems

Soaring Towers will host all operating systems and will allow for development in our own private cloud. In addition to moving files and user access to the cloud, Soaring Towers will also host your website in a CDN equipped environment to make sure your site is performing as fast as it can.

Private Cloud

Soaring Towers uses its own servers, firewalls, and switches to provide an end-to-end secured environment and can guarantee high uptime to all our clients due to our refined practices and hardware.

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