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Managed Cyber-Security Protection

Firewall and Security Management

Data breaches are one of the top concerns for today’s organizations. The costs of these breaches continue to increase, with the average global cost of a single breach hovering at $3.62 million. Beyond the financial consequences of a breach, network security is also hugely important for any business because an attack can compromise the trust of your customers.

Studies have shown that 60% of small companies go out of business within six months of falling victim to a data breach or cyber-attack. With both the financial security and future of your business on the line, it is crucial for organizations of all sizes to have measures in place to monitor suspicious network activity.

Retain your Customers' Trust

Soaring Towers focuses on using varying technologies and systems to protect your organization and provide real-time protection against attacks. Soaring Towers is proud to have certified security professionals that can assist and design solutions for our clients based on their size and can grow with them, while always providing the best protection.

Remote Vulnerabilities

Due to the fast-changing world that we live in, enterprise networks have more connections than ever with cell phones, remote workers, web applications, laptops, and desktops. Security becomes even more of a crucial matter; Soaring Towers works closely with your organization team to design solutions that fit your needs and applies the best practices when creating those systems. By designing protection and remediation methods, your organization can work worry free and continue to grow.

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