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Office 365 Management

Email Protection and Spam Defense

Spam accounts for a whopping 48 percent of all email traffic. These unwanted mass emails are more than just a nuisance. They reduce productivity, make it easier to miss important emails, and impact network performance by increasing mail-server traffic. Spam blocking is part of an overall email protection strategy that also includes virus and malware filtering, email encryption, data loss prevention, and email continuity.

Protect Your Company

Soaring Towers uses industry leading spam and malware technology as well as techniques to keep your network secure. We can thoroughly protect you by using software that blocks emails from known email spammers and analyze links for malicious content by “detonating” malicious links and attachments in a secured cloud. 

Educating Your Staff

Soaring Towers also provides periodic email phishing campaigns and will educate the users on the best practices when opening an email and what to do if a malicious email is opened. Our phishing simulation is kept up to date with current phishing attempts and can be customized to fit your organization’s needs. 

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